Plugs For - Penguin II Implant Stability And Osseointegration Tester

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  • Plug / Platform
  • Quantity
  • Straumann tissue level regular & wide neck
  • Adin touareg close fit WP 4.3-5.0
  • AB Dental narrow platform (NP)
  • MIS narrow / Straumann BLX
  • For Israeli internal hexagon systems (DSI)
  • MIS multi-unit system
  • Alfa Gate M+ RP 4.3 - 5.0
  • MIS Conical connection wide (C1)
  • Alfa Gate M+ NP 3.5
  • MIS Seven Standard / AB Internal Hex (SP)
  • AlphaBio/MIS/Tag for wide inner hexagon systems
  • Adin/Alfa Gate for narrow cone systems
  • Straumann bone level tapered narrow (NC)
  • Straumann bone level tapered regular (RC)
  • Straumann bone level tapered SC 2.9
  • Alpha-Bio conical hex 3.2
  • Paltop PCA conical
  • Straumann tissue level narrow neck crossfit (NNC)
  • MIS conical connection narrow (C1 V3)
  • MIS conical standard C1 V3 / Ditron Ultimate/MPI
  • Straumann tissue level X (TLX) / MIS connect
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  • Each plug can be used specifically for the implant platform that it is intended for
  • Compatible only with Penguin RFA and Penguin II devices

Features & benefits:

  • Designed specifically for the Penguin II and Penguin RFA devices
  • Crafted from premium materials, guarantees durability and reliability during repeated use
  • Capable of enduring up to 20 sterilizations in an autoclave, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness
  • Ensure accurate and consistent measurements of implant stability and osseointegration level
  • Compatibility across different platforms, selection available
  • for more than 20 platforms
Package contents:
  • 1 plug for selection

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