Penguin II Implant Stability And Osseointegration Tester

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Penguin II Implant Stability And Osseointegration Tester
Penguin II Implant Stability And Osseointegration Tester
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  • Evaluating the immediate stability of the implant and its integration into the bone.
  • Determining the optimal timing for the final restoration of the implant with precision.
  • Detecting potential osseointegration problems in the implant for early intervention.
  • Quickly distinguishing between stable and unstable implants and potential osseointegration issues

Features & Benefits:

  • Wireless technology - Enables convenient, cord-free operation
  • Dual-side screens - Provides easy-to-read implant stability quotient (ISQ) values on both sides of the device
  • Real-time assessment - Allows for instant evaluation of implant stability during placement
  • Precise measurement - Delivers accurate ISQ values between 1 to 99 for optimal treatment planning
  • Early detection capability - Identifies subtle changes in osseointegration, facilitating timely intervention
  • User-friendly interface - Simplifies operation for seamless integration into daily practice
  • Time efficiency - Saves chair time with quick, painless stability assessments, reducing patient discomfort
  • Cost-effectiveness - Streamlines procedures, minimizing the need for additional appointments and associated costs
  • Improved patient experience - Promotes patient comfort with wireless operation and minimal discomfort
  • Long-term success - Facilitates optimal timing for final restorations, contributing to the success of implant procedures

Technical Information:

  • Power input: 5VDC, 2.3W
  • Charger input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 5VA
  • Instrument weight: 89g
  • Charger station weight: 285g
  • Intended for continuous use
  • Contains NiMH batteries
  • Frequency band: 2.4GHz ISM band (2.402-2.480GHz)
  • Transmitting power: Class2 1mW [0 dBm]
  • Modulation: GFSK
  • Channels: 40 channels with 2 MHz spacing
  • Compatibility: EN 300 328, EN 300 489-1, EN301 489-17, EN 62479:2010

Package includes:

  • Penguin II Instrument
  • Charging station
  • MulTipeg Driver
  • Main adapter & plugs
  • ISQ Tester
  • USB with IFU 

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