DSI Diapro Polishing Porcelain Composite Zirconia Disc


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Extra Fine- Yellow
Extra Fine- Yellow
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Medium- Red
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To achieve a refined finish of restorations, providing a smooth and glossy surface.


A refined finish of restorations

Wheel polisher shape and convenient size

Ideal for final corrections

High-quality and durable

Achieves finish in seconds

Diamond Impregnated material

Long-lasting, smooth gloss

Full-contour zirconia restorations

Medium and Extra Fine Available grits

Compatible with porcelain, composite, zirconia, and aluminium oxide

Reduces heat generation

Adapts to surface structure

Manufactured in Israel


Easy to use in hard-to-reach areas

Saves time and effort in achieving desired results

Helps to achieve a smooth and glossy surface

Durable and long-lasting, providing cost-effective use

Provides a professional and aesthetically finish

Suitable for a wide range of applications

Made with high-quality material

Reducing the risk of damage to restorations

Made in a reputable manufacturing country


Grit: Extra-Fine-Yellow, Medium-Red

Polisher Shape: Wheel

Size: 11x2mm

Compatible With: Porcelain, Composite, Zirconia and Aluminium Oxide

Country of Origin: Israel

  • Diamond Impregnated
Package contents:
  • Diapro Polishing Porcelain Composite Zirconia Disc

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