DSI Low-Lock- Innovative Solution for Overdenture Attachments

Dentists can improve patients' oral health and quality of life by using implant-supported overdentures. Atrophic mandible is a significant impediment to successful oral rehabilitation with dental implants. The fabrication of a lower overdenture using two narrow platform implants and a double retentive, robust DSI Lock attachment system is described. In comparison to the ball and cap attachments, this attachment structure has the lowest profile while still providing strong retention and a long life-span, with the ability to compensate for up to 15° of divergence between two implants (up to 45° in angled versions).

We can reap many benefits by using hybrid sphere-lock attachments, both for patients and for prostheses. In some clinical situations, the implant's long axis leads to an unfavorable location from the screw access hole. To address this issue and improve screw retrievability, the DSI-Lock allows you to relocate the denture connection point to a more advantageous location by providing pre-bent angulated abutments that angle the screw channel to 18° or 30° in the desired direction. This, combined with soft silicone inserts of a one-of-a-kind technology design, allows for recommended torque even at maximum angulation. All DSI suprastructures can use the same abutment fixation screw construction and standard industry 1.25 abutment driver, significantly reducing the volume of components and tools. This novel overdenture attachment's design and angulation properties are incorporated in order to optimize the design with the final coping. As we all know, DSI Low-lock is the most recent innovative solution, the result of several years of intensive research and development while staying in constant contact with the industry's leading dentists, collecting and collating numerous feedbacks and recommendations. The DSI lock hybrid attachment combines the versatility and pivoting capacity of ball attachments with the low profile, strength, aesthetics, and ease of use of overdenture lock abutments. After using this novel DSI Lock, the doctor will never go back to the old-fashioned overdenture restoration options.


  • Improve patients' oral health and enhance quality of life through the use of implant-supported overdentures.
  • Fabrication of lower overdenture using two narrow platform implants.


  • The Constituent is made of Titanium Grade 5 ELI, the same material used in the production of dental implants for maximum longevity.
  • Gold-anodized thin tissue for a deeper hue, particularly in the aesthetic zone
  • Excellent retention with a variety of insertion caps - from 0 to 8 lbs.
  • In comparison to competitors, it has a lower profile and a smaller connection point.
  • Structure has been simplified, and functionality has been enhanced.
  • The screw connection and driver tool are the same for many different implant brands, resulting in fewer tools and a higher risk of mix-ups.
  • Cuff heights vary greatly depending on tissue depth.

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