UltraSil VPS Putty 300+300ml Base/Catalyst

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UltraSil VPS Putty 300+300ml Base/Catalyst
UltraSil VPS Putty 300+300ml Base/Catalyst
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UltraSil Putty: • Mixing time (room temperature) – 30 seconds. • Working time – 120 seconds. • Hardening time (inside mouth) – 180 seconds. • Recommended mouth removal time – 3.5 minutes. • Dimensional change – ≤0.5%. • Compression set – ≤0.7%. • Strain in compression – 1.7%

Cleaning and Disinfection: Disinfect using dipping solutions only (we recommend 2% glutaraldehyde solutions). Important: please ensure that the chosen disinfectant is indicated for use with additional curing silicone materials. Disinfection can be accomplished with any appropriate disinfectant following the original manufacturer’s procedures.

Composition: Addition curing vinyl polysiloxanes, hydrogen polysiloxanes, fillers, pigments, additives, platinum catalyst.

Classification UltraSil Putty: ISO 4823, type 0: Putty consistency.

Attributes: Hydrophilic Nature, Accuracy Focus, Effective Restorations, Highly Visible Margin, Hand-Mix Putty

Country of Origin: Israel

  • Vinyl polysiloxane
  • Ideal for dental and gingival impressions, ensuring detailed impressions that maintain their shape during removal, specifically designed for accuracy, it allows dentists to capture even the smallest details effectively, low contact angle, accurate impressions enable easy and effective restorations every time, creates highly visible margins within the sulcus, contributing to ideal end results in dental procedures.
Package contents:
  • 300+300ml Base/Catalyst

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