GC Fuji Lining LC Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Material 7g

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GC Fuji Lining LC Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Material 7g
GC Fuji Lining LC Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Material 7g
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Under amalgam restorations

As a base for resin composite restorations

As a liner for deep cavities

As a dentin substitute in indirect pulp capping

For sealing pits and fissures

For sealing cervical erosion and abrasion

For sealing root canal orifices

For sealing exposed dentin on the root surface

For sealing crown margins

For cavity lining before placing amalgam restorations.


Hardened hydrogenated glass ionemer substrate material

7g cartridge


Can be used under various restorations

Provides complete opacity against leakage

High compression strength

Minimal shrinkage

Extremely low solubility

Minimizes sensitivity

Provides fluoride release

Binds well to tooth structure and fillers

Creates an ideal dentin substitute

Radiopaque for easy identification

Biocompatible and safe for use in the mouth

Quick and easy to use



Provides a strong and durable base for restorations

Saves time with quick and easy mixing and setting

Provides excellent protection against bacteria and leakage

Reduces sensitivity and minimizes post-operative discomfort

Promotes long-term oral health with continuous fluoride release

Creates a reliable bond with tooth structure and fillers for a secure restoration

Ensures accurate placement and thickness with minimal shrinkage

Offers high strength and stability for long-lasting restorations

Creates a natural-looking dentin substitute for aesthetic results

Safe and comfortable for patients

Suitable for use with various types of restorations for versatility


Quantity: 1pc

Net Content: 7g

Type: Lining LC Resin-Reinforced 

  • Glass Ionomer
Package contents:
  • 7g Lining LC Resin-Reinforced Glass Ionomer

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