DSI Hard Liner Permanent Denture Repair and Reline Material


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DSI Hard Liner Permanent Denture Repair and Reline Material
DSI Hard Liner Permanent Denture Repair and Reline Material
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Directions for Use :

1. Trim high spots and rough surfaces of the denture.

2. Clean denture thoroughly by brushing with liquid detergent and water.

3. Desiccate thoroughly with warm, dry, oil-free air.

4. Apply a coating of BONDING PRIMER to the denture surface to be relined.

5. Protect surfaces, such as acrylic teeth, interproximal areas, outer ridges of the denture,
acrylic fillings, jackets, bridges and other surfaces to which bonding is not desired, with an
application of Silicone Lubricant or Petroleum Jelly.

6. Using the syringe, draw the 4 ml of RELINE LIQUID and pour same into a disposable mixing
cup. Fill the powder-measuring scoop with powder and add same to liquid.

7. Mix thoroughly with a spatula for 20 seconds. Allow the mixture to gel until the desired
consistency has been obtained (approximately 2 minutes).

8. Spread the mixture into the ridge area from the crest of the ridge to the periphery and
covering the postdam areas.

Note: Cover all tissue bearing surfaces when relining a lower denture.

9. Place the denture in the mouth of the patient and have the patient close the jaw slowly to a
normal biting position to bring the teeth into proper occlusion.

10. Have the patient suck in the cheeks to obtain muscle trim.

11. After 3 minutes have additionally elapsed, remove the denture from the mouth and check
coverage and muscle trim of the periphery.

12. Add or trim materials as required.

13. Replace the denture in the mouth of the patient for another 3 minutes, keeping the teeth in
relaxed occlusion.

14. Remove denture from the mouth and allow to bench cure for 20 minutes.

Warning: Do not allow the reline to completely self-cure in the mouth. The exothermic
reaction of self-curing can be uncomfortable to the patient and could cause slight swelling
of the tissue, resulting in less than perfect adaptation.

Once RELINE MATERIAL has reached
a stiff, rubber-like consistency, additional time in the mouth is not of further value.

15. After bench curing, wash with cold water. Trim and polish at slow speeds on a lathe.

Note: When trimming and polishing, cool constantly with cold water and/or ice.

16. Advise patient not to use bleaches or abrasives for cleaning.

Cleaning: Before sending dentures to a dental lab, always clean and disinfect them.

Attributes: Precisely replicates gum shape for accurate denture fit, Ideal for worn dentures with widened borders, Can be followed by soft reline for enhanced comfort, Designed for long-term use, outlasting soft relines, Utilizes putty-like material for detailed impressions, Laboratory processing and gum tissue adjustment for precision, Maximizes denture-mouth contact for improved stability and comfort

Country of Origin: Israel

Package contents:
  • DSI Hard Reline Kit: Polymer (Powder) 2x50 g/Monomer (Liquid) 100ml, Bonding Primer 30ml and accessories.

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