DSI ApexFile Gold Taper Endodontic Rotary Files For Root Canals 6pcs Pack


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  • DSI ApexFile Gold is used to efficiently shape and enlarge root canals during endodontic procedures

Features & Benefits:

  • Crafted through a proprietary injection molding process, ensuring uniformity and reliability in every file
  • Utilizes a unique shape memory NiTi alloy coated with gold, providing unparalleled durability and resistance to deformation
  • Boasts precise geometries designed for optimal root canal shaping, ensuring consistent and accurate results
  • Engineered with increased flexibility, enabling seamless navigation through intricate and challenging canal curvatures
  • Minimize the risk of canal deviation, enhancing procedural accuracy and safety
  • Facilitates smoother and more efficient root canal procedures, saving time and minimizing patient discomfort
  • Color-coded simplifies the identification of file types and application order, streamlining workflow and reducing procedural errors.
  • Compatible with contra-angle handpieces latch-type (RA) connection, offering versatility and convenience in equipment usage
Package contents:
  • a pack of 6 files - size for selection

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