DSI Sutures- Innovations in Wound Repair and Closure

Sutures (or stitching), skin closure tapes, surgical staples, and adhesives agents are the most well-known methods for the repair or closure of skin wounds. Sutures, on the other hand, have gained popularity among most surgeons and other medical health personnel because, in addition to being the most common method, they can be used to close any wound, whether internal or external. At DSI, our expert team is constantly researching and developing sutures that assist surgeons in repairing smoothly or closing lacerations with as little scarring as possible, so we produce quality sutures that many surgeons have come to trust and associate with superior quality. DSI needles are made of surgical steel alloy and are designed to be as thin as possible without sacrificing strength. They are also stable in the grasp of a needle holder and capable of carrying suture material through tissue with minimal trauma.

Sharp enough to penetrate tissue with minimal resistance, DSI needles are rigid enough to resist bending while remaining ductile enough to resist breaking, sterile, and corrosion-resistant. DSI specializes in dental implants, prosthetics, and surgical tools. DSI has a significant advantage due to their ability, experience, and technology in developing a new generation of surgical sutures.

Suture Varieties

  • Absorbable sutures are sutures made of materials that can provide support to the wound until it heals well enough to withstand normal stress before breaking down. Natural or synthetic polymers could be used. Internal wound stitching is possible with these types of sutures. Natural polymer suture absorption occurs via enzymatic degradation, whereas synthetic suture absorption occurs via a hydrolysis process.

Absorbable sutures are;

  1. the DSI Plain Catgut suture 
  2. the DSI Chromic Catgut suture.
  • Non-absorbable sutures are made of either natural or synthetic materials, such as silk or polypropylene. They are primarily used for external closure and where a permanent implant is desired.

Non-absorbable sutures are;

  1. DSI Nylon Monofilament
  2. DSI Silk Braided Sutures



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