DSI Sponge Plus- Hemostatic and Antiseptic Properties

DSI Sponge Plus is a collagen sponge with antiseptic and hemostatic properties. It is used to treat and prevent inflammatory complications in dentistry. DSI Sponge Plus is a collagen sponge that has been freeze-dried and contains iodoform, eugenol, thymol, and lidocaine. The material is extremely absorbent, holding up to 40 times its own weight in fluid. Collagen promotes wound healing by stimulating platelet aggregation and promoting rapid hemostasis. Because of its iodoform content, the sponge has excellent antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties. Iodoform releases free iodine when it comes into contact with tissue. The DSI Sponge Plus effectively controls bleeding and promotes quicker healing.


  • On operating tissues, it immediately controls oozing and seals up bleeding tissues.
  • Dento-alveolar surgery and tooth extraction in patients at risk of hemorrhage
  • Removal of mandibular cysts through mucosal tissue regeneration
  • Maxillofacial surgery is a type of facial surgery.


  • A powerful hemostatic agent
  • Antiseptic and anesthetic components are present.
  • Within 3-4 weeks, it is biologically absorbed.
  • Very absorbent
  • Non-irritating

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