4D Zirconia - Beautiful and Natural, Layer-by-layer

Сurrent concepts of restorative dentistry require excellent biocompatibility, durability, simplified procedures, and affordability in reviving the patient’s beautiful smile. Successfully replicating all the characteristics of natural teeth in an esthetic and functional way is a challenging and difficult task that clinicians currently face.

DSI 4D Zirconia Blanks will assist you in delivering technologically advanced, strong, natural-looking, metal-free restorations that are perfectly integrated in the physiognomy of each patient.

DSI 4D Zirconia Blanks , made of multilayered full-contour zirconium oxide, are especially suitable for highly aesthetic zones and single-tooth restorations, but applicable for various indications including total bridges.

The addition of yttria stabilizes the transformation of the crystalline structure under the conditions of elevated temperatures, and enhances the physical properties of zirconium.

DSI 4D Zirconia Blanks boast superior mechanical characteristics, including high biaxial flexural strength (1,027-1,300 MPa) and impressive fracture toughness.

High homogeneity and absence of impurities provide DSI 4D Zirconia Blanks with exceptional optical properties. The material will enable you to accurately reproduce the translucency and delicate luster of the human tooth ensuring natural appearance of the prosthetics in any light.

All the remarkable features of DSI 4D Zirconia Blanks render it an ideal material in a variety of restorative situations.

Physical properties:

  • Translucency: 43-46.6%
  • Bending strength: 1,027-1,300 MPa
  • Sintered density: >=6g/cm3
  • Fracture toughness: 4.3-5.1 MPa*m
  • Sintering temperature: 1480°C (recommended)


  • Highly esthetic restorations
  • Superior strength
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Multi-layered color gradient
  • Natural translucency

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